I am Ashish Srivastava, an active innovative player on ECM field

During my encounter with ECM technologies and products especially Documentum products, I felt the need of sharing my experiences with the entire developer community and getting their feedback.

Its a growing area and can nourish better if we could bring the knowledge out of our manuals/supercomputer minds and grant the developer world full access to the tacit knowledge.

This blog is an initiative to contribute to ECM space.
Here is an attempt to key my thoughts, capture my experience and share it with you over the weekend( hence the name “The Weekend Chronicles“)

Just to let you know, I love poetry and don’t get surprised if you see some of my compositions here.

See you over the weekend…



  1. Hello Ashish, Just browsing the net to gather some information for migration of content. Client is planning to migrate the content to a ECM system from one data center to another data center which are about 2000 apart. We are basically planning to dump the data without the content and load to the target and copy the filestore. Their production content is sized about 4+ TB and we are concerned about moving this over the network. Would like to hear your inputs on this situation.

    Thank you very much.


    • Hi Mohan,

      Looks like a big migration project is on its way.
      The approach you decided(dump without content) should work fine. I would suggest you to do one POC on a test environment and then proceed as migration projects can make or break things easily if you are not clear with the entire approach. Also, do understand the dm_dump_object_record and dmi_load_object_record objects which you might want to use.

      If the concern is “how to move TBs of data over the network- the answer is in small chunks as I explained in my article”.

      If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.
      You can reach me @ ashish2k1@gmail.com

      Kind Regards,
      Ashish Srivastava

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